Driver Mad Unblocked

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Driver Mad Unblocked delivers crazy behind-the-wheel action as you take part in illegal street races while avoiding the cops. Outrun the law and unleash weapons against opponents in fully destructible vehicles.

Gameplay Of Driver Mad Unblocked

The core gameplay loops around:

  • Intense street race events with hazards and enemies
  • Outrunning police chases when races get hot
  • Inflicting and receiving realistic vehicle damage
  • Upgrading cars for performance and protection
  • Customizing aesthetics with body kits
  • Earning prize money through race victories

How to Play Driver Mad Unblocked

  • Choose from available events and race days
  • Use the prize money to purchase car upgrades
  • Equip weapons and gear suited for each course
  • Balance speed, handling and protection
  • Drive aggressively to pass opponents
  • Unlock new vehicles as you advance

Controlling Your Ride

Use the WASD or arrow keys to accelerate, brake, reverse and steer your car. Utilize nitrous oxide boosts, landmines, EMPs and other weapons against rival racers by pressing assigned hotkeys.

Progressing & Winning

  • Place 1st in races to advance and win prize money
  • Visit the garage before events to make repairs and upgrades
  • Fine tune gear ratios, armor, rams and boost power
  • Customize visuals with paint, decals and stylish body mods
  • Adapt driving style based on course layouts
  • Learn when to take risks to build boost vs playing safe

Take on the challenge of high speed getaways in fully destructive cars with Driver Mad Unblocked!

You can download the App here: